Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 years today that you've been gone Aaliyah.

And I still remember how the news of her death filtered into school ten years a ago today. I was still in high school then and some how a student had gone to get our test sheets and had happened to catch on on the information from the radio in the teacher's office that Aaliyah had just died and a plane crash or car crash but she wasn't sure. I remember the classroom going crazy and I said to myself, I'll be calm till I get home and make proper findings, she can't be dead. Really and truly I got home and there it was on entertainment news, confirming her death alongside a couple of others she had gone to shoot with.

Aaliyah was truly and still is, in my opinion a very rare talent that cannot be replaced. I cannot imagine how much success & achievements she would have amassed were she to be alive this day. She was the very core of R&B music very soulful and true to her talents. She's one star I hoped I'd meet with someday as well as the late Michael Jackson too.

You are indeed still shining as a star and your music will forever live on, rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OC Ukeje- He done jumped the broom and we know he is good!

AMBO flagship movie & OC's first screen job.
He’s another promising actor to watch out for. Since winning AMBO reality TV showing and playing lead role in their flagship movie: White Waters, alongside the evergreen Joke Silva, he’s fast risen and is doing very well for himself. He gave a stellar performance of an autistic child who was great as an athlete on the tracks, found love along the way and in the end rose above all.

Just like every other actor who is always ace and on point, OC first emerged as a stage actor then went on to screen, but he’s still very much into stage acting. White Waters, Kidnap, Jeta Amata’s high profile Black Gold, soon to be out Two Brides & a Baby, a Bconcept movie by Blessing Effiom Egbe amongst other movies  are great works he’s starred in. After attending New York film school in 09, he has continued to impress industry watchers and won the AMAA  the previous year, 2008.

Movie poster for Two Brides & a Baby.

Oc Ukeje.

Oc Ukeje modelling a t-shirt.

Our very own multi-talented and down to earth OC is a Song writer, singer, stage/screen actor and MC/compère. The sky is his limit yet and like Nse, Hollywood awaits his talent.


Nse Ikpe-Etim.... Awesome Actress.

So I tune into my favourite Nigerian TV channel and there she was rattling away in the best English accent, style and diction I’ve ever heard on a movie trailer years back titled Reloaded. She played the role of the wife of a philandering man whom she apparently made wealthy. Well, maybe a tad too jealous but she loved him all the same. I am privileged to watch the movie and I get to see all the many facets of this inspiring, fast rising A-list Nigerian actor. Nse, truly only started screen acting few years ago but has been on stage for a very long time is undeniably one actress who knows her onions and is in a league of her own. It’s not to be contended if you ask me. Guilty Pleasures 1&2, Kiss & Tell, Reloaded, Mr&Mrs and a few others are films she’s starred in alongside other great talents as well. She’s beautiful, got amazing talent as an actor, writer and chef and most of all very sweet in person.

Nse at a Movie premiere.

Nse is on this month's cover of Wow magazine donning a purplish one piece swim suit with gold details and looking very bikini ready too!!!

Nse on the cover of Wow magazine this month, lovely!!!

Nse at the première of Mr&Mrs.


Nse and her colleagues.

Hollywood had better watch out for this woman.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kelly Rowland's Performance At The 2011 BET Awards.

This performance only goes to reaffirm my loooove for Kelly as a multi-talented singer, dancer, performer and actress!!! I'll just say she is all encompassing!!! She totally shut the show and crowd down in this performance with Trey Songz.

Some are saying she looked like she was off to church, but in my stylish sure mind am thinking the nature of the song 'Motivation' and what it's official video presented already plays out the whole concept and theme. So it would only have been predictable enough to think that she would do a much similar performance to the whole concept of the video and song.

But she totally scored a tenna in her amazing floppy hat and stylish black suit with bare chested ripped male dancers, sounding as soulful as ever!!! Plus she was oozing alot of sexiness without showing skin coupled with the mysterious look she had going.

My verdict: Kelly is the future of versatile music and style.

Kelly Performing with Trey Songz.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BeYonce, The Born Performer!!!

I have always said it that the one good thing about myself is I always know when to admit the hard truth and on that note, I totally and truthfully express my utmost respect for Beyonce as a performer!!! A friend and I today were talking about artistes and performances etc and he brought her up and I didn't hesitate to let him know how much of a Beyonce fan that I am actually not! Yet still, he urged me on to make sure I watched her performance at the 2011 billboard awards. Right now I have only just watched it half way and I am blogging about it in between watching the said performance on Youtube.

To further buttress this fact are the calibre of people that have taken the time to speak about her achievements and growth before the start of the video performance, it's really beautiful to have this one young African-American woman have the rudiments that empower and reach out to a large number of people across the world positively through the one instrument: Music.

I wholesomely agree that Beyonce Knowles is a born performer, pace setter & a hard worker, and lately it seems those that I haven't really been a fan of in the past are those that I am rooting for now. I can't imagine how much work she must have really put into getting all that stage performance put together and all of the graphic detailing choreographed to the letter T! She's awesome, a great achiever and I can't wait to see more of this soaring drive she's got.

Beyonce Performing Live At The 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Electrik Red.

Electrik Red.

Electrik Red is made up of two sets of childhood friends, Reevey and Lewis from New York City and Allen and Rosete from Toronto. While working as back-up dancers for Usher in his 2004 Confessions tour, Reevey and Lewis asked Rosete if she wanted to be a part of their girl group. Rosete agreed to join, but requested that they meet her best friend, Allen, who they "fell in love with" and invited to join as well. The group moved to Los Angeles, where they began working with different producers, including Shannon "Slam" Lawrence and Rodney Jerkins.The quartet officially convened as Electrik Red in 2005.

Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey, Sarah Rosete, Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen

The girls that make up the group are Binkie and Lesley from NYC as well as Naomi and Sarah from Toronto. They’re a pretty cool set of girls and have been making music together since 2005. I personally like how they push boundaries with songs like this one 'We Fuck You'. The title may be a little abrasive (okay, more than a little) but for some reason I like it. It’s off their album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 – the second volume of which drops sometime later this year.

Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen, Sarah Rosete, Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey.

The girls at the GreenHouse as they hosted Bleu's Magazine 3rd anniversary.

How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 has spawned three singles, "Drink in My Cup", "So Good", and a remix of "So Good" featuring Lil Wayne. Music videos were filmed for "Drink in My Cup" and "Friend Lover," with both directed by Marc Klasfeld. Another video was shot with Lil Wayne for the "So Good" remix.

Victoria's Hat At The Royal Wedding.

Victoria & David Beckham.

So weeks after the royal wedding I still cannot get over this hat that Posh wore to the wedding! It's totally a fashionista's must have and there's not a doubt about that. One word, Awesome!!!

Rihanna's Man Down Story.


Although am not exactly a RiRi fan, I have all her albums from Music In The Sun to the seemingly controversial one, Loud. And to be honest there's been considerable growth in her music style and vocals as well and I might add that there's also immerse change in the light in which she's maybe begging too much to be seen in.

Regardless, she's doing good music weather I'd like to admit it or not and one of my favourites asides the other tracks on the Loud album would be the 'mandown'! Why? Because it's way different from previous songs and I totally love the style, accent and the fact that she went back home to buy the concept of the video and shot it there as well is totally awesome if you ask me.

Now there's the contradiction people are talking about that the initial intended theme of the song wasn't rape but because the public thought the lyrics to be a tad too violent then her folks had to throw in the rape story line to justify the supposed violence. Well in my opinion, I still think people are just missing the whole point of that video in the end because it's addressing such a distasteful and heinous crime towards women and for me that's such a bigger deal than what the media, press or public are trying to down play. Maybe using a gun like that and gunning a man down in cold blood won't do well with the younger viewers, but then again it's only make belief as should be sending home the point that rape is not acceptable and that if the man won't be punishable by law or for some lack of police effort or insufficient evidence then perhaps a rape victim should take the law into her own hands, I am just saying because I would!

In all I think it's a beautiful video very ethnic and simple yet speaking volumes for women regardless of what we all think of Rihanna.

                       Rihanna Man Down Video.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Back... Minaj.

Big back Minaj.

Nicki Minaj was recently interviewed by a certain newspaper and the interviewer was specifically told by her management NOT to ask about her incredible bottom! So it was described lol! There are rumours and yet confirmed stories as to her having enhanced her rear. Okay just for the records I am no Anti-Nicki Minaj or neither am I hating on her as some of my friends think because truth be told my opinions don't get in the way of her record sales, I just think it's one of those things that make a lot of women today are so insecure of themselves. A very good example would be the late Claudia Aderotimi. Although it's pretty much common knowledge that as big butts and breasts is to Hip-world so is being near to anorexic& bulimic is to Hollywood. It may seem like the issue is being over flogged but hey, it is what it is. As videos, practically all of them these days focus on ferocious vibrating of  bulging hotpants.

Enough said. 
Nicki Minaj was recently interviewed by a certain newspaper recently and the interviewer was specifically told by her management NOT to ask about her incredible bottom as was described lol! There are rumours and yet confirmed  s

Late Claudia Aderotimi's Ex-Boyfriend Paul Djimo, speaks out.

It has been said that late Claudia's glamorous actress cousin Scheffe Wilson, arranged the fatal bottom surgery over the internet. Scheffe Wilson, 30, is being accused of arranging the illegal surgery by putting her relative Claudia Aderotimi, 20, in touch with the doctor.

Although she wasn't present in the hotel room at the time of the surgery, she is still being questioned by the New Jersey police where she also lives. She died in the hospital from a liver failure just hours after the operation had been carried out. Paul Djimo, the deceased's ex, said: 'After she had the injections last time, she told me she couldn't take the pain and wouldn't do it again. I never thought she would go back,' said the semi-professional footballer, who was still in contact with his ex.

Scheffe Wilson.

Paul Djimo.

He also says, according to The Sun newspaper that 'When she first mentioned having surgery, I thought it was just a joke. We laughed about it and I never imagined it would end up being the cause of her death.'

Claudia who was in a groups with her mates called the chocolatez, idolized Beyonce alot and hoped to have a bigger rear than she has says her ex.

Claudia Posing For a Picture.

Late Claudia.
She WAS obsessed by singing superstar Beyoncé - famous for shaking her ample bum in videos.

Claudia.The hip-hop fan had vowed never to have the silicone injections again because she could not bear the pain.

One of Britain's leading plastic surgeons, Dr Rajiv Grover, described the silicone injection procedure as 'like playing Russian roulette. You get away with it sometimes but each time you have it done you're risking your life'.

                    Claudia & Friend In A Jokey Home Video.

This is a really sad story because even though this has happened to Claudia, there are still so many girls out there who think cosmetic surgery is the answer to perfection. The really isn't anything like perfection we should accept us for who, how and what we are. *sigh*

Janet Jackson & Her Better Half..

I was more than happy to know that Janet had ditched Jermaine Dupri, I have nothing against the guy oh, but for some reason they just didn't look like they would last I mean, they looked good together while it lasted anyways. But am loving her new beau! Haven't heard much about him but he seems to look like he's really smitten with her. 36 years old Wissam Al Mana,  a billionaire from the middle east, who is fashion crazy and now works in his family business empire says he has now found his dream woman, Janet and refers to her as "my girlfriend" because for him he's dating just a girl and not the iconic star "Janet Jackson".

I don’t date Janet Jackson. She is my girlfriend; there is a difference. She is a very special and talented woman who never ceases to amaze me” -Wissam Al Mana.

Wissam & Janet.


I really do hope they get married sometime soon :) 

13 Year Old Alfie Patten Fathers New Born.

I don't know if you all heard of the 15 year old girl who got pregnant by a 13 year old boy two years ago in the UK. Baby faced Alfie who looks more of 8 than his actual age became a father in 2009 when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne. When I actually watched this on news when it aired, to say I was shocked would be an understatement!!! As I had to ask what a 15 year old let alone 13 were doing having sex in the first place??? When she told him she was pregnant he didn't want her to have an abortion. The timid little boy whose voice was still yet to even break thought it might be nice to have a baby! Of course he worried about what his folks would say but he believed he would be a good dad and look after his baby.

I didn't think about how we would afford it. I don't really get pocket money. My dad sometimes gives me £10."

Alfie & his newly born.

Maisie was conceived after Chantelle and Alfie - just 12 at the time - had a single night of unprotected sex.

4Ft Tall Alfie, when asked about the price of nappies: "I don't know how much they cost but they must cost a lot of money".

Maisie was conceived after Chantelle and Alfie - just 12 at the time - had a single night of unprotected sex. Say David Cameron at the time.

Alfie's dad Dennis, told how the lad does not really understand the enormity of his situation - but seemed desperate to be a devoted and responsible father. Bless him! I wonder how his folks must have felt knowing a greater part of looking after their son and grandson would rest on them having catered to "nine kids" themselves Alfie inclusive. Plus I must add here that the girl is totally shameless!!!

It's really things like this that make certain people declare they don't want to ever have kids and makes those who have them wonder where they went wrong bringing them up. So it leaves one to wonder that if little kids like Alfie are out there developing certain emotions and creating babies then bridging that gap of repair within the society is more than lost!

To read full news go to The Sun.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

There's just something about this picture of Aaliyah, it makes it feel and look like she's still very much alive and well. Almost as if it was only yesterday the shot was taken of her. She was so beautiful and one of the most amazing and greatest R&B singers to ever grace this earth. Bless her soul.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Butt Implants gone wrong.

It's really sad to know that 90% of what we young people see and watch on TV can ruin our lives or even lead to death as would be the case of Claudia Aderotimi who died as a result of a top up silicone injection in her butts. This issue of plastic/cosmetic surgery needs to be reviewed quite carefully as most of the celebrities have the financial means to enlist the expertise of reputable cosmetic surgeons. Claudia was a student at Thames Valley University in London, lives here and aspired to take her dancing to a professional level and thought having a big rear would make that desire a huge success.

The Late Claudia.

At the moment things are very unclear as the hunt is still on for the woman who arranged her meeting with this nutter who carried out the procedure from which she started to suffer severe chest pains 12 hours after. She was taken to the hospital but died Tuesday morning. It's also suspected that she may have been injected with industrial silicone normally used as a sealant instead of the more expensive variety used for legal breast enlargement. Also it may have been mistakingly injected into a vein.

The police think who ever tended to her is "transgendered" woman- a man living as a female. She hoped to be back by this weekend as it's only a few days from her 21st birthday. She left for America with a few friends one of whom also had her hips enhanced for £1,100 while she paid £1,000 for her butt jabs.

As far as I am concerned this is what "booty" shaking celebs are causing with the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo especially this Nicki Minaj of girl flaunting theirs about.

Claudia Aderotimi.

Can't imagine what her family is going through at the moment but I hope they get through it together and may her soul rest in peace.

LadyGaga is Born This Way.

The 24-year-old pop star announced on her Twitter page that “Born This Way” will premiere on February 13th, with the album of the same name coming out May 23rd!

“I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track baby, I was Born This Way,” Gaga teased. “Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set. I’m on the right track baby, I was Born This Way.”

Gaga's Born This Way.

Everyone has been so locked up on this that they have forgotten that there are 16 other tracks on the album. Some of the other title tracks are quite Gaga typical: "Americano", this song focuses on Gay Marriages and Immigration Law with a big mariachi techno house record, "Judas" which is actually going to be the second single to be released is a real mash-up she blurts. She also says the melody sounds like it was written for the Ronettes but is filled with a hyped dance beat basically talking about falling in love with backstabbing men of the biblical variety.

Fierce Album Cover!!!

Already I am salivating seems it's going to be another bumper packed album just like The Fame was plus she's on stoppable. I love The Fame! It's ace!

Indeed it's Rihanna!

I wonder if she would have been able to sell any records with that awful looking hair! She may have looked way nicer if she had it in black I think... Hmmm.

That Hair Has To Go Babes except You've Got Ur Wigs On!

Erm, Baby 'R' Us. Sucking on her thumb whilst sleeping. Like seriously? Some massive contrast compared to her new S&M video if you ask me, all bound up in ropes and duct tapes with Perez Hilton on a leash. This girl is not serious oh.

RiRi Sucking On Her Thumb!

...In the closet...

There's just something about this video. Well it's Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell!!! Wonder why they never hit if off though. My guess is, they would have had incredible looking children. yeah.

Plus I think it's one of the sexiest videos ever!

Chukwudi Iwuji.

Chukwudi Iwuji is one fast rising Nigerian born British actor. He was born in Nigeria in 1975. When he was ten his parents got a job with the United Nations Organization and moved to Ethiopia. Whilst they were there, he was sent to a boarding school in England. He got into Yale university to read Economics but he was interested in acting and joined the university's acting society.

Whilst he was appearing in their production of 'Murder in the Cathedral' he was offered an acting scholarship. He went to a drama school in Wisconsin, graduating in the summer of 2000 and moved back to the United Kingdom, successfully auditioning for the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he has joined the ever-growing number of black actors, including David Oyelowo and Adrian Lester, who have played leading roles with no reference to their colour.

Chukwudi Iwuji.

Chukwudi In A Scene From Thriller Movie, "Exam".

Chukwudi Iwuji.

Exam Movie Trailer.

His Filmography:
Doctor Who (TV series)
White House Secret Service Man.

10 Minute Tales (TV series Short)
Soldier 1
The Three Kings (2009)... Soldier 1 (as Chuk Iwuji)


Casualty (TV series)
Daniel Peel
Truth and Consequences (2005) .... Daniel Peel ( as Chuk Iwuji)

Proof (TV series)
Jake Zaria

Leona Lewis' drag makeover or not?

Lately there have been pictures of Leona Lewis at events circulating the internet looking way different from her normal self. Thing is after she won the x-factor and released her first album Spirit I kind of lost track on her really. I don't know why every artist these days believe they need to look a certain way to either sell records, be in vogue or sell whatever it is they think they need to be selling err, the likes of RiRi! It's good for some and some can get away with it not sure about Nicki Minaj though and Leona.

At the 2nd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Music Event In LA.

A leona Face-Off! Leona Vs. Drag Leona.

She has not only changed dress sense but her body and face aren't looking like her former self which leaves only one option; surgery. She's lost her famous hair and curves, see for yourselves then again maybe it's for the better to further propel her career... Who knows.

At the Elle Style Awards.

At the premiere of Justin Bieber's Film Debut.

There have even been suggestions that the new look hasn't been achieved entirely naturally. Dr Barbara Lutz, of the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, commented: "It appears Leona has had the bridge and tip of her nose thinned."

She does look nice in the above dresses but something still looks wrong however. But after splitting with teenage sweetheart Lou Al-Chamaa, she faces more accusations of being blinded by Hollywood's bright lights. "I think it's so funny how so many people think I've moved to LA!" she Tweeted defensively yesterday. "I'm hardly here! Still live in London round the corner from my mum & dad ha!"

News & Photo credits: Yahoo Entertainment News.

Stylish Solange.

Solange is totally a fashionista! She never does it wrong in my opinion anyways. She always sets the trend no matter what she's wearing and how she's worn it and she's so creatively good at styling certain pieces together and you wonder errr; why didn't I see that on the racks??? I love it!!!

Solange Knowles.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This month's British Vogue.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Vogue UK Cover March 2011 Issue


Absolutely loving this month's issue of the British Vogue cover. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on the cover of Vogue UK March 2011 issue. The model-turned-actress starring in the forthcoming "Transformers 3" earns her first solo Vogue cover ever. She is looking red hot on the cover striking a dramatic pose wearing a double-silk jacket, laminated python-skin belt and velvet corsages in hair.

Picture insert.

Picture insert.

The 23-year-old supermodel was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. Inside the magazine, Rosie also poses nude and she’s groping her own boob in one of the pictures. Hawt!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keri Hilson!

Miss Keri is one music Diva I heart!!! I loved her from the very start when she first featured on Xzibit's track, "Hey Now (Mean Mugging)" in 2004. Then it was revealed she had written several songs for artists like Usher, Kelly Rowland, Ciara and Ludacris. As well as hit songs like Mary J. Blige's "Take Me as I Am", Omarion's "Ice Box", "Crazy in Love, the Pussycat Dolls' "Wait a Minute",Britney Spears' "Gimme More" and also Ciara's "Like a Boy".

Keri Hilson.

Smiling Keri just after landing a massive endorsement.

HAWT Keri at the ESPN magazine event.

She pretty much remained behind the scenes till she featured on Xzibit's track. Keri made her performing debut at the 2004 MTV Europe Music Awards in which she performed the song live with Xzibit. In 2006 she signed as an artist to Timbaland's record label, Mosley Music. In 2007 she made several appearances on Timbaland's solo effort Shock Value, including the singles "Scream" and "The Way I Are" which reached number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.

                                                       Magazine Shoot.

Video Music Awards, 2008.

At the Launch of her song which Akon featured on.

Keri Hilson.

At the video shoot for "Scream"

Pretty Girl Rock.

Then came the albums "In a Perfect World" released 2009 and the current steaming one, "No Boys Allowed" released 2010. I love the first album, very versatile all through with the great collaborations she had on it like Ne-Yo, Kanye, Keyshia Cole, Timberland, Akon, Lil Wayne and Trina. The second album is equally a classic, especially the "Pretty Girl Rock title song". It's so silly how people have been underrating this song saying she's copying Beyonce and copying this person and that person. People can't just seem to appreciate something new and different, there always has to be something. I think it's a Beautiful video, paying homage to female artists starting from the 20's.. Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Patty Andrews (as a member of the Andrews Sisters), Diana Ross (as a member of The Supremes), Donna Summer, Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation 1814 era) and also Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (as a member of TLC performing "Creep").

                         Get Your Money Up ( In Studio Edition).