Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 years today that you've been gone Aaliyah.

And I still remember how the news of her death filtered into school ten years a ago today. I was still in high school then and some how a student had gone to get our test sheets and had happened to catch on on the information from the radio in the teacher's office that Aaliyah had just died and a plane crash or car crash but she wasn't sure. I remember the classroom going crazy and I said to myself, I'll be calm till I get home and make proper findings, she can't be dead. Really and truly I got home and there it was on entertainment news, confirming her death alongside a couple of others she had gone to shoot with.

Aaliyah was truly and still is, in my opinion a very rare talent that cannot be replaced. I cannot imagine how much success & achievements she would have amassed were she to be alive this day. She was the very core of R&B music very soulful and true to her talents. She's one star I hoped I'd meet with someday as well as the late Michael Jackson too.

You are indeed still shining as a star and your music will forever live on, rest in peace.

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