Friday, October 29, 2010

My candid review on a select Nigerian glossy Magazines.

Modemen, I love the coinage! It's such a posh and very sophisticated male folk pick up glossy magazine. The effortless way in which it has been compiled to precision, addressing all necessary features and topics is unbelievable. I always love its clean and simple art work cover as well as all those who have graced the covers. Good print, great body content & quality packaging, the men have got to love it! Oh and did I say women can also indulge in it too? There are some bits and pieces put together for us.

This one isn't such a bad idea at all and the fact that I so much idolise the brain behind it, I'll say pick one up when you can, it might not cover all the young reader's needs but it sure does make a whole lot of sense sitting one the stands, for the matured minded woman.

Sofisticated Magazine.

Erm I really haven't got much to say about this Magazine. It's a total flaw!!! Looks good on digi print but in reality, I honestly don't know what they were trying to do both inside and outside. Body content is flat out empty, colour seperation, artwork, packaging & binding, print & picture quality all very very poor and I could go on and on still. The most upsetting part of this magazine is the stylist who styles & dresses the models, the boutique clothing, shoes & accessories they feature, are so out of fashion and somewhat tacky. As for the stories featured inset, contributing writers and featured topics, I really wonder who the confused set of people are. It's still all mumbled up I reckon they are yet to figure out the focus of this glossy brand. And to think it's being sold at 500 Naira??? Never! 

Ovation Magazine.

Ovation! Ovation has been around for as long as I can remember... 1997/1998? I don't recollect now but before they started to do it in glossy print, it was just like the dailies only quite colourful. One could tell before picking up a copy back then, that they were in for a perfect read. Its prolific editor-in-chief of course is a great man of standard and so the magazine couldn't have been any less good quality. Ovation features stories from across the world giving it's readers a full-on course on what ever topic or jurisdiction it is covering. Then it became glossy and oh so colourful and on the packaging, quality all the way and worth the money too. I'll say it pioneered and set a pace for other magazine outfits in Nigeria and has only grown so well over the years. It's widely read and really has a great followership both home and abroad. But still, over the years, it began to lose that which it fuelled us with, the body content. It began to focus more on party coverages, digressed, deviated and became more pictorial than giving constructive reading so I lost touch so did a host of other poeple. I honestly haven't bought any in ages but the last copy I flipped through didn't do it for me but am hoping it's better now.
FM&B Magazine.
FM&B magazine more than half of the time centers around fashion, life-style and a little bit of entertainment and I really laugh at those featured on the fashion police segment. The writing contributor for that section is so unrelenting, ladies, gentlemen, watchout at that event. Okay having said that, it might try to work a little more on it's body content, not that it's a poorly situation but still it could be better, more research work could be done, 20% quality increase can be put in and maybe a pin binding would do just right! It's quirky yet a fun read I'll buy Fm&B if it's on the stand. It's got a lovely team going on most especially its editor-in-chief, Linda Ikeji she's a real hardworker and has come a long way in Nigerian fashion & modelling. Also a great blogger, kudos.

Exquisite Magazine.

Exquiste is another of the female budding glossy type of magazine, it centers around the female gender, not usually a bad read and okay body content but what sometimes puts me off is the print quailty and bleeding colours of the pictures and sometimes it starts to come apart leaving loose pages all around. It's been well accepted so far and I don't mind buying a copy every now and then but with quality like that I'll hesitate and may not bother afterall. Lovely and full of life editor-in-chief, could be better.
Naija Times.

This one is a really cute magazine! I fell in love with it and till now every time I see a copy I just want to pick it up! Yea, it's that pretty to the eyes... It's a really clear cut kind of magazine, sections well into travel & culture, fashion & lifestyle, money, entertainment, cover story, feature story, health and sports and you cannot go wrong buying a copy any time. It's been kept real precise, simple and quite handy. The quality is well tended to all round, great content body and most importantly, it'll stand the test of time as it is made of very thick paper which I have found is rarely used in both African and international magazines and on the pin binding part, that is a plus plus. It sure will hold together for a long time to come. I like to keep my favourite magazines for long so this last feature really matters to me and to think it's free!!!! Sweet!
Genevieve Magazine.

This one is another female glossy type of magazine focusing on female matters etc. Great print, cover concept & artwork and packaging but for me it ends there really. There isn't much of a read inside it each time I have bought one, though my opinion, but even a handful of people agree with me on this, but then again it's just our opinions others may view it differently. I read it where and when I see it and if not I don't keep up much with it. But for what the outfit is worth, I am really impressed on the pink ball event this magazine company have put together to hold annually towards breast cancer awareness. 
F.A.B Magazine.

Fabulous.African.Black. Yes F.A.B! This one is quite new as well but all the copies that I have read are soooo lovely. It's got a lovely and beautiful editor-in-chief, Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo. I really do love the fact that it's been divided in two halves with one side catering to the female readers & the other side catering to the male folk. Each time I pick up a copy, a the local airport or news stand, I am usually always excited to just open it and glance through first, the imagery and artisry is awesome! The content body,check! The cover artwork for both sides, check! Fashion page and styling, check! There are usually nice fashion tips, great exciting and unusual real life stories, great African designers featured, travel spots, arts and animals. It really caters to a bit of everything in concise and satisfying bits. A good buy anytime, heart it!

Y! Magazine.

Y! Magazine which only just issued its first edition recently, is being presented and put together by the Future Awards in Nigeria. To digress a little, the Future Awards is a fresh, meaninful and youth branded award initiative set up to appreciate the talented, innovative, bright, achieving and pace setting young Nigerians at home & abroad betwen the ages of 18 and the early 30 something. They have come a long way with this and have develpoed along side this initiative other meaninful and active projects that propels the Nigerian youth in the diaspora to think positively and say 'I'll have to win myself a future awards plaque for next year'. Now this Y! Magazine is only one of their very many projects and since its launch it has been embraced widely. On reviewing my own copy I must say that I am pretty impressed with the quality of it's content body, writers and contributing writers, front cover concept, art work, page illustrations, clarity and colour separation quality. Okay in as much as am smitten by this copy *smiles*, I must say that some work could be done on the binding of the pages, only a few days old and it's all coming loose and pages are going missing... Other than this, I'll say I am looking forward to my next copy edition.

True Love Magazine.

The advent of this magazine for me was the beginning of what female glossy magazines should be like. It's been around for years a south African magazine franchise that's come from South Africa to West Africa (Nigeria). It's a toned down soft female magazine that virtually anyone can read, men inclusive. It touches on several issues women face day to day, features a great select celebrity cover list I can't fault, the art cover is always breath-takingly fresh & crisp! Never too busy on the cover, nice colour combos and great body content, good print and packaging quality. I must also say they have got very versatile & stylish wardrobe, a very professional stylist who knows what he/she is doing and an amazing make-up artist.

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