Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favourite Italian/mixed Italian, Hispanic and Puerto Rican Men.

Frank Sinatra
Great & timeless singer, good looking no doubt.
Robert De Niro
Multi talented power actor, still looking good with age.
Enrique Iglesias... Hawt Bod!
Enrique Muricano.... Know for his role in Without a Trace
also dating hot British model: Lily Cole. 
Anthony Lapaglia... There's something about his eyes & mouth
Lead role in Without a Trace 
Ok! No need to introduce him! Al Pacino!
He's just one hell of a great actor, sexy too!
This one knows he's too sexy.. Raoul Bova.
Great actor with his nice role in Under the Tuscan Sun.
Joe Mantegna! Cute!
Did well in Criminal Minds T.V series.
He's hot! Then he bagged J-Lo? What else can I say?
Marc Anthony.
Ricky Martin... On fire!
Who cares if he has now turned GAY?
Leonardo Dicaprio... Must like him!
Carmine Giovinazzo... Hot Hot Hot!
Couldn't have done better in CSI: NY, sexiness all the way. 
Bradley Cooper
This mixed Italian blood was great in T.V series Alias.
Sylvester Stallone
Brought sexy back in his time, great stunt actor, love him!
Mark Ruffalo... Cute & Ruefully sexy!
Milo ventimiglia.... Made supernatural sexy in his great performances in Heros.
Matthew Fox
Known for his lead role in Lost, half Italian and Hawt!
John Travolta
Multi-talented great movie star, sexy as hell even with age!
These men above may not be all that or the best there is, but there is just something about them. They never fail to lighten up the 'movies' or television 'series' as well as our radios or music T.V channels respectively. There are the older ones, the young ones and the mixed Italian Americans, pure Italians, Hispanics & Puerto Ricans amongst them, smoking Hawt & SEXY they all are!

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