Friday, January 20, 2012

The Visitors ( A Light In The Dark) Movie Teaser.


Watching the trailer really does give you an insight into what to expect only it deviates from the Nollywood usual plots that I am sure we are all used to seeing and of course tired of as well. Haven't seen it in full so I won't go ahead of myself but I'm thinking since it stars two of Nollywood's finest, HRM Joke Silva and yet to be endorsed OC the great Ukeje for some that is, as he's endorsed and stamped for as far as I am concerned then you can't go wrong going to the cinemas for when it premières. Most of all I like the mystery that comes with the teaser *bigsmile*

                                           Movie Synopsis.
Arome a young man in his thirties is on a quest in search of a job, in his frustration he encounters strangers who tells him things about his past and present life, even things he's ignorant about.

One of the strangers a woman in her fifties is perceived to have a dual personality, Asa pretty young attractive lady in the sight of all except Arome, she seeks for help from Arome.

Arome's fortune changes. He is suddenly faced with death after been caught in a web of indecision. Mystically he's alive. Now he's left with a puzzle. Who are this strangers whose image fade away even from pictures leaving no trace of who they are. Some mysteries are better told. In the world but not alone.

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