Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Trends I'll Recommend.

Erm not sure yet about the Nokia c3 will it trend?  And if it does I doubt it'll surpass the Blackberry series!!!
I want all four jumpsuits.... *sigh*
Keri Hilson just knows it's the 'IT' type of clothing....
I have seen jumpsuits evolve over time from the kool & the gang days.... And they ain't going no where.
Maxi dresses always have this edge over any other type of clothing.... They are just a relief.
Lauren, Fergie, Sophia & Hayden... Must heart these maxi dresses!
Okay not really a fan of the bold 2 but it's fast trending & truth be told blackberries are here to stay....
Gotta love the storm too, for the touch screen savvy types....
Blackberries just got real trendy & fresh.... Of all blackberry types I just love the bold!
The muscle leg opaque tights.... sexy every time of the year or season!
Oh and of cos! The classic rib tights... 
Coloured tights... No matter the occasion, & even weather we all love em!!!
The lush 3-set Victoria's Secret tubes, sweet! I use the purple one myself, feels empowering...
A few select coloured eyeliners from Bobbi Brown, they brighten and open the eyes up any day!
A selection of Nars lipgloss, we can't go wrong with alittle hint of coloured gloss.
Blue Lipsy Clutch Bag.

A double dose! Western style fringe boots in burgundy.
Don't just wear block colour, be stylish about it.
New Look sling back shoes, for a lighter pocket.
Victoria Beckham in a striking pink apparel.
Bold coloured bangles.

Nice sling back shoes with rose detailing.
Block colour quilted bag from Topshop.

DKNY's 2010 colour block sparkle & shine must have neutralized with black
It sure shows confidence.
Beautiful block coloured shoes.
80's inspired block colour Bauhaus tee from Urban Outfitters.
Wear over denim-look leggings or to really go back in time, could be worn  tucked into a pair of high-waisted skinnies.
Versace Block-Colour Python bag, lovely!!!

Bold Colours & Colour Block Items.
1970's Diane Von Fustenberg vintage sunglasses frames.
These are a very cool pair of designer shades also comes as prescription lenses on request.
Chic gold woodgrain metallic & black authentic 1980's sunglasses, made in France.
1930's translucent shaded pale pink & olive green plastic frame with blue lenses.
An affordable reamake of American sunglasses designer Rose Ehrlich, found at
Burgundy & Gold framed vintage sunglasses.
Vintage sunglasses from Toffie.
Christian Dior vintage sunglasses.

A few pairs of vintage sunglasses.
Beautiful vintage red shoes, real pretty cut.
Found at, they have got really nice vintage shoes online.
Another vintage inspired piece by Kurt Geiger.
Vintage inspired boots Carvela Study by Kurt Geiger.
Cute vintage shoes
Found at Re-mix vintage shoes website, this guy does really nice and affordable vintage shoes you'll love!
This vintage look is well put together, very stylish yet  glamorous.
A look that would have made Audrey Hepburn green with envy.
For those in-touch with their vintage 80's funk.
Great vintage day dresses at barton & barton
Affordable & Reasonable price tags too.
Summer dress & Vintage floral.
A Peggy Hunt Vintage dress every woman needs a piece of Vintage frock/dress.

Vintage Dresses.
O.P.I nail polish sets are really very nice & of good quality,
they come in various summer colours and for all time use, a good investment.
Navy blue nail polish by Dior & Chanel, you can't go wrong at any time wearing it.
MAC nail colour collection, another quality nail varnish brand that will always trend.
Fashion trends seem to evolve year by year. Sometimes it gets really fiery and in our faces and sometimes it's subtle and barely there. Taking the year 2010 for example, there have been several trends all over the world ranging from hair colour, eye wear, make-up, nail polish, dresses, jeans, skirts, t-shirts, shoes, bags et al. Most people never really always know where to begin with trending fashion so they end up goofing or making  a total fool of all the trends. As a fashion conscious & fashion forward individual myself, I try not to be so in tuned with whatever might be the 'Fad or in Vogue' at the time trend, you just stand out as a happy, senseless money spender and not a 'Fashionista' if that's what you thought you were starting out as. You may look good for a minute and feel you are trending with the T.V, music and catwalk stars, but then again think about it, you are not them and sometimes they are allowed to do these things and get away with it.

So with this in mind, I have put together a couple of fashion trending items and acceossories that really never die. If 'it' or 'they' go out one season, you are still grateful they are in your closet any time and can turn them into stylish pieces as well as the make-up collections and nail colours to finish off your look. Oh and the phones have become fashion accessories and items too and the most crazing trend of all are the Blackberry series!!! Everyone everywhere arcross the globe have dropped those other phones for the Blackberry, initially I refused to join the band wagon and here I am, I am stuck on my Bold 1!!!