Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marc Jacob Ads iLike.

He appears on the cover of the new issue of Industrie in a fur-collared coat, squishy hat, brunette locks, knee-high socks, high heels and painted toenails—put together by Louis Vuitton stylist Katie Grand.

This One with Dakota Was Banned.

Kelly Rowland's Keep It Between Us.


Vintage Naomi Campbell.

This one just knows herself, she's not asking for feedback, forgiveness or opinions, poses for her photos struts and owns her runways, she's in your face, don't like her, just deal with it. iLove her!


She's Just In Your Face.


YSL's Opium Perfume Banned Ad.

Sophie Dahl In Ad For YSL.
I just love this Yves Saint Laurent's Opium Advert, although it was banned. Well talk about nudity but it's art.

Paula Patton In MI4!

Paula deserves every accolade, every plaque possible because she's paid her dues surely and totally blew me away in Ghost Protocol!!! Her body, line delivery, fight scenes, emotions were all on point and most importantly to me right now is that GREEN dress she wore at the party scene in Mumbai (India)!!!

It looked totally lush on her and all that coyness, sassiness and uber sexiness she was oozing whilst trying to seduce Anil Kapoor is beyond measure of anything anyone else can try!!! And that dress I must have!

I totally love her and I think Robin Thicke is one very lucky man... :D

That Dress Is Pure Sin... *sigh*

Paula & Tom.
She's Just Beautiful However You Look At Her.

Adam Levine....

I'm no fan of tattoos per say, but something about it on Adam make's it work for me. *sigh*


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bruce Willis!!!

He's one actor I really do have a crush on physically & mostly for his work. Didn't realize how much of a stud he actually was & still is till yesterday when I was watching a 1994 film he starred in titled: Colour Of Night. His eyes though.... They'll drown you!!! *sigh* Even now that he his older, he's ageing just fine, there's just something about him that's very caveman like and dangerous but in a good way. Demi Moore should have stayed.

Still Hot!

This Shaven Look Just Works All The Time!
He's Just A Hottie!
Die Hard Bruce..
I'm Guessing This Is From Moonlighting... He Was Just Assaulting To The eyes here Hmmm.... 

Rihanna Holidaying In Hawaii | Scheming To Get Chris Brown Back?

So it has become apparent that Rihanna isn't yet over Chris Brown as claims because recent tweets and tweet photos of her are suggestive of what she really wants. She's currently on vacation in Hawaii and has been under the guise of wanting to show off what Chris Brown is missing, tweeting photos of herself in stringy bikinis, nude bathing suits in suggestive and sultry poses to Kim Kardashian. Although some magazine sources say she's been secretly hooking up with Chris Brown for over a year and that they can't seem to get enough of each other but in my opinion, I think that it's all lies fabricated to see if circulated, will yield some action in Rihanna's benefit. Last we all heard, she was the one who cried wolf and had a restraining order against him bla bla bla!

Smoking Her Blunt.
Suggestive Eh?

But then again he's been dating his present model girlfriend Karrueche Tran for over a year now whose face he's had tattooed on his left arm and though RiRi & Chris seem to tweet at each other with the L word at play, she seems to be the one taking it seriously as his rep, Jeff Raymond told ABCNews.Com: He is with his girlfriend, Karrueche, and is not cheating.”

Rihanna Smoking A Rolled Up Kush.
Dry Surfing!!!
See Looks Nice Though *BigSmile*
Messing About.
Rihanna In Her Next To Nothing One Piece Suit.
RiRi Posing For Friends?
She's young, beautiful, talented with one helluva career ahead of her and should be moving on living life but no, she'd rather be stuck on Chris and get destructive while at it. She's been spotted smoking marijuana in Hawaii and letting rip on tweeter saying: Cuz of U I'm on some real f*** a n*** s***! U wanna be my main squeeze n****, don't ya? Carrying on: So what n***, I'm not tryna hear that s***! Still on a tweeting spree later on she adds: Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things!

Well she had better get it together soon for her own good if not, it's how they all end up depressed and going to rehab.  

Stars That Dazzled At the 2012 Golden Globes Awards.

As I watched on T.V all I could think was, class and glamour! It was a bow tie event and every male present I spotted had one on. Ricky Gervais is one genius comedian that has the capability to make established Hollywood veteran actors amongst rising faces laugh at themselves in good faith and get away with it too. This and more he did hosting the 2012 Golden Globes Award weeks back. Ricky wasn't the only one who made the event memorable as all celebrities present stormed the venue clad in bespoke designers, couture, custom made dresses and suits, lighting up my screen. I suppose award ceremonies like the Golden Globes is where celebs truly feel the impact and success of their work(s) so coming all out in the best fashion available and style to be rewarded is only fair.

Ricky Gervais
Host For The Golden Globes 2012.
Kate Winslet Is Uber Stunning In This Monochrome!!!
Peter Dinklage, He Really deserved To Get One.
Michael Fassbender... There's Something About Him..
Bradley Cooper & Adam Levine: Aren't They Divine?!
Somehow His Shoes Work For Me.
Jessica Alba: She's Gorgy!!!
Sophia Vergara: This Dress Is Just SIN.......

Robert Downey Jr.
I love the variation In His Jacket & Choice Of Bow Tie.
Colin Firth, His Piece Looks Perfect On Him.
Salma Hayek.
Tilda Swinton, She Just IS!
Paula Patton Thicke: Robin Thicke Is One Lucky Man... Sigh*
Chalize Theron, Never letting You down, Her Dior Dress Screams HOT!
George Clooney, Looked Nice As Always.
Kate Beckinsale The Stunner!
Jolie's Dress Is Gorgeous!!!!
Elle McPherson.
Stunning In This Hot Number.