Friday, August 13, 2010

What you think your dress is saying or not saying about you...

Okay I am sure alot of people already know so much about this one or have mostly likely been told off at some point in time of their lives. Still, some people can't just get a hang of the habit of tacky, improper and inappropriate dressing. There is this one time out of a thousand that am going to be citing an example of, it was a hot, sunny and very busy monday morning, at about 10:00am, I was at a friend's office and a colleague of his came in to notify him about a guest whom had just arrived and was waiting out in the reception to see him. He tells his collegue to have her come in to his office and she comes in. Upon entry, and her actually coming into full glare, whoa!!! It was what one one could call a blind spot... LoL! I am going to describe: She had on a stripped collared shirt about 2 sizes under what she should be puting on, buttons nearly popping loose so bad one could see through, a black tulip skirt, so short I doubt she would have been bending over even if her life depended on it, with a tiny slit behind, long wild and loose curls of mass hair and make-up? Just as bad, glam red lippy on, charcoal black eyes and very blushed up cheeks, six to eight inches high heeled shoes, big sacky bag and the last but not the least, a very accessorized blackberry in hand.

One might read through this and say what's wrong with all that? But hey, then again it's a monday morning when people are supposed to be looking their very best to work, prim, proper and responsibly so too though this is not to say that fashion and styling cannot be incorporated at wearer's discretion. This girl came in to that company that day for an interview and I was thinking the enitre time she was on her way to a strip club and must have missed her way down there. Well appealing as it may be to some people of both sexes am thinking it's never a good thing to this kind of combination to work, pyjamas to class room, bikini/swimwear to grocery shopping and the list is just endless. Thing is most women will actually be shocked to find that less in most cases is always more just as leaving a little to one's imagination always does the trick.

On the second hand I feel most peole dress up according to their moods and state of minds which in most cases I will say can add up to how you end up looking and how you carry yourself. So in other words your dress/outlook can be screaming, I hate myself and my life I am jumping off the next bridge! and it could also just be reading I want to be noticed, I am a confident, sharp and beautiful woman I know but still am approachable, I am stuck up, full of myself tacky and easy.... I could go on and on. In my opinion I will say ladies.... lets go back to the drawing boards of fashion and style!!! xxx

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hair! and the Black woman...

Me & my short hair.
This one a very sensitive issue to touch on as most black women these days me inclusive!!! rarely leave our natural hair alone to breathe... Well it is safe to say that very few black women are proud of their God given hair! I refuse to hold anyone, a certain race of people or some other flimsy excuse(s) a reason for this except in the case of a terminal illness such as cancer etc... Then again with all due respect to women who wear weaves, extentions and so on I have nothing against you lot in this piece. Inspite of myself, few months ago I decided it was time to have a hair cut not that it was a necessity nor was it a stepping stone to anything in particular as I have always been at ease shaving my head at will, but I must say this time around I felt some sense of liberation of me. It seemed to me that everyone around me was drowning in the clear cut syndrome of looking a certain way with a certain hair type and hair length there by loosing their identities, although this is not to say a woman, black or white, is not allowed to wear a certain look of choice. Still you find that people can get carried away and over do things and make things that shouldn't be or matter a stereotype and make it the right way of approach of doing things.
Naturally most black women have mid to shoulder length black/brown hair after it has been relaxed while some have exceptionally long hair. So am wondering for what reason(s) do we really wear these weaves? Am sure the reason(s) would certainly be endless!!! All am trying to say here is we really don't have any other person to impress when it comes to our looks other than ourselves so we can try to sometimes give ourselves a breather on how much we spend on extentions, stylists, the emotional stress invloved with the who and the why we are doing it and many more... At the moment am loving my short do so are many other women out there am sure...