Monday, November 29, 2010

These women just know how to make short hair rock.

Posh never leaves us disappointed whatever length her hair is.
RiRi, not really a fan but she really has re-invented short hair over a short period of time.
Great vibrant colours, expressive & creative styling always.
Toni Braxton is one strong woman who has over time, overcome a lot of struggles in her life.
And her short simple styles are always a classic.
Sienna Miller, I heart her hair always, she's gorgeous!
Nia Long has always been a short hair person as far as I can remember and  IT was made for her.
Natalie Portman looks absolutely demure & beautiful with this pixie cut.
Who else who would know how to rock this short bob better? Naomi Campbell, the queen mother of catwalk herself!
Ruffled & nice, Jennifer Aniston looks like a star.
Keyshia Cole, she brought spunk & sexy back to short & coloured hair.
Keira Knightley, two words, strong & beautiful. 
Halle Berry wears short hair better than anyone else in this world I guess.
I think Fantasia always looks stunning each time she spots a new short do.
The soul mother of all times, Anita Baker, was the first person I saw on T.V with short hair also named after her.
And I thought to myself, I have to try it someday, and I did! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ways to Avoid Over Eating and Staying in Shape.


8. The medicinal and nutritional values and benefits of vegetables are numerous, so finding a way to incorporate as many type(s) in meals daily is a sure way to keep in shape.
Fruit Juices.
Skinny Water.
Bottled Water.
Flavoured Water.
7.  Swapping your pop/fizzy drinks for skinny water or flavoured water, juice or better yet water itself, will do some good.

6. Seeing a dietian/nutritionist to find out about what kinds of food are good for you as well as calorie counting, should suffice where other things fail to show improvement.

5. Sticking to one diet plan, following a regular eating pattern, knowing your body and what it needs from you as an individual helps the body clock  for easy & quicker digestion and frequent metabolism rate.

Protein Bar.
Nutrient bar.
The health benefits of almonds include reduced LDL cholesterol, reduced oxidative damage from smoking, and stabilized blood sugar levels after eating.
4. Snacking every now and then on healthy fruits, nuts, almonds, currants and nutrient bars when you get the munchies through the day, helps keep your shape in check but still, indulging in little bits of your favourite cravings every once in a while won't hurt too. It stops you from binging unnecessarily and most of all, you stay happy.

3. Did you know that eating hot/spicy food when it's still somewhat steaming hot or warm enough helps burn a great percentage of body & tummy fat. So next time, gladly help yourself to that mean bowl of spicy curry. Also drinking very little or no water at all whilst eating helps digest food faster.

2. Eating foods that contain a higher concentrate of carbs and sugar earlier during the day for quicker digestion, avoiding them closer to evening or bedtime.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes, a great cereal to start the day with.

Mixed fruit Currants.
Quaker Oats, could be eaten with boiled eggs or white bread.
The Special K Diet is based on the calorie control diet principle. For breakfast, dieters are to have a serving of Special K with 2/3 cup skim milk and fruit. For either lunch or dinner another serving of Special K with 2/3 cup skim milk and fruit is to be eaten. For the remaining meal, dieters are to have a balanced meal as they usually would. Beverages should be consumed as usual. Fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed for snacking. The diet is low-fat, as a serving only has 2 grams of fat and no saturated fat.
Custard with fruits or milk.
Adding some fruits to it is really nice.
You can eat your own toast differently.
1.Okay I know this one has been overflogged but still it works. Eating a light and healthy breakfast in the morning(s), does go a long way in helping to stay less hungry till lunch time as well as balancing out one's metabolism. Eating cereal brands such as kellog's Cornflakes, Rice kripsies, Weetabix and Bran, are a great healthy start, also getting creative by adding chopped up fruits like strawberies, bananas, mixed fruit currants with skimmed milk or even whole milk, can help keep the bloated and heavy look off. Other breakfast alternative could be custard, oats, omelette with 2-3 slices of wheat/plain hite toast, accompanied with a glass of orange or cranberry juice.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yellow Stripes Vertigo Pet Sofa.
Sharp Platform Bed.
Cross section of Kitchen Utensils.
It is with great utmost pleasure that I would like to annouce that CSN Stores has given me the opportunity to indulge my followers/readers in a lovely GIVEAWAY that involves giving a randomly selected winner a one-time use £15 gift voucher. CSN Stores is a large and great online retailer of household wares, where you can find everything from lovely bedroom furniture, bedroom accessories,cookware, kitchen utensils, bakeware, beautiful lighting pieces, mordern home furniture sets, T.V stands to T.V brackets, speakers and mounts.

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