Sunday, January 30, 2011


RichGirl is a new American R&B girl group consisting of four members, Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and seVen. They seem to be a very edgy, sexy, soulful and modern girl group drawing inspiration from groups such as En Vogue, TLC, Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, SWV and artists such as Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson & Beyonce.

Since their coming out, a lot of people have only been trying to liken them to this group or that artist just to proof they aren't worth being in the spotlight and aren't in any way original. To be fair no one is really original these days, it's got to be a little mix of this and that to arrive at something new and if you thought it all up yourself, then all well and good. But I think they are simply beautiful and gorgeous plus they are fierce and can sing too.

SeVen: The Pretty & Cool one. 

.Raised in Haines City, Florida, Seven will automatically be known for her dynamic vocals which she acquired from growing up singing in the church. She is the all-American girl, who happens to have a voice that can not be ignored.

Audra, SeVen, Lyndriette & Brave.
SeVen, Lyndriette, Audra & Brave,
Lyndriette: The Sleek & Cute one.

The Southern Belle of the group, she was raised in North Carolina. She possesses exhilarating vocals that make her a singing powerhouse. She has a playful spirit and warmth that comes from her small town upbringing. At the same time she has a focus and hunger that will take her and Richgirl around the world.
Brave: The edgy & Sexy one.
Brave: Amber Streeter, 
This Baltimore native brings an edge to the group. She possesses sex appeal, uniquely combined with insightfulness, which is heard through her powerful voice, thoughtful spoken-word and street tinged raps.

                                   "He ain't with me now tho" Video

Audra Simmons.
Audra Simmons: The Sultry one.
Hailing from San Diego, California, Audra has a sexiness that captivates the eyes of her fans coupled with quirkiness and unexpected wit. Aside from her sassy persona, her rich, syrupy vocals give the group its soothing element, which seals the all-star package..

       RichGirl: Swagga Right Video Ft. Rick Ross & Fabulous.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surgery or Not?

I really don't know what the catch is or what it is that should sell an artist/celebrity/TV personality so to speak, because it seems these days, as an actor/actress, musician or TV person, you have got to have a strategy working for you otherwise you just may fizzle out soon. Stars like Beyonce, who has the sex(y) image thing working for her, as I fail to agree she's a great singer but as a performer and an entertainer, she always hits the mark. Rihanna, who has had to reinvent herself from her looks in the era of "The music of the sun, A girl like me, Good girl gone bad then the new "Red look" in Loud and lately, to be honest I think she's going a bit over board with her so called fashion sense. LadyGaga, started out quite subtle with her image but overtime changed a lot. Still she seems to be the only artist at the moment that has the whole bizarre look going for her. Then we have Nicki Minaj that I hardly understand where she's looking to place herself. Seeing her for the first time on TV, I did think her body shape was kind of weird, the smaller upper body and then the overly voluptuous lower body which seemed unnatural by all means.

It was later obvious quite a large number of people saw what I was thinking as a lot of speculations as to what she may have done to achieve such a body type started to crop up. Without doubt in my opinion, I agree she's done something whether it's been surgically altered with fat implants or deposits put in or whether she wears the butt pads/shapers, there's certainly been some form of enhancement.

There some photos below of Nicki Minaj before and now.

Nicki Minaj, there is Camel toe as well!

Now this bum size looks pretty reasonable, I wonder now....

What happed Nicki? You looked a lot nicer before.

Still trying to figure how out how it's just possible that at a later age, she became massive!

A funny size and shape..

I must agree here that J.Lo's and Beyonce's Derrière look way better!!! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favourite girl at the moment.

Her name is Isio Wanogho (De-lavega D.), she is a young 20-something accomplished Nigerian model if I may so say on her behalf, an aspiring fashion designer and a great painting artist. She started like every other young model did, right from the scratch, the basics and so far is reaping the fruit of her labour.

She's worked for various local and international designers, very serious minded, hard-working and takes pride in her work(s). She's currently an anchor person/t.v presenter for different shows and events.

I think she's beautiful, multi-talented and she's also got a very great personality! Enjoy a few of her art works and modelling portfolio...

                                            A few of Isio's art paintings.
Faceless woman by isio.
Nude Nubia by isio.
Traditional Marriage by isio.
The dancer by isio.

A collection of Isio's 2008/2009 photo shoot pictures.
Lovely & flaming Isio.


Wearing a Tiffany Amber number.
She knows her onions, Hawt!
Hawt hawt Isio!
Isn't she lovely *smiles*.....

Being too skinny!

The issue of being painfully too thin or skinny is always being talked about ever so frequently, but I think in as much as a few people out there think certain celebs, models and actress are too skinny, they go on about it, criticizing them for a while and then you find that it fizzles out only too soon  and then they get even more criticized and hung out for gaining or adding the slight weight!!! It only goes to show where the loyalties of the people of the world really lie. Personally I am not on the big or curvy side, I have been a size 6 for as long as I can remember and sometimes I get as big as an 8 no matter what I eat and I am grateful for genes but I have loads of friends and not all of them are as slim as I am and we are all comfortable as there is no competition as to if big or thin is in or looks way better. Sometimes am at a loss when there is a nice dress or pair of jeans on the rack and I can't pick it up because am too thin to fit into it *smiles* and am like, yea, there goes!

I am not saying being over weight or obese is the solution because am sure somehow, everyone still needs to look good me inclusive and be aware of their health and medical status so striking a balance in between is very important. So starving oneself, being anorexic, bulimic, yo-yo dieting or over exercising  should and must be cut out. Although it's understandable that once one is a certain age, it becomes real hard to maintain or retain previous weight or size, or being on t.v with a bulging lower tummy and flabby arms, I don't want to imagine how depressing that can be, but it's not the end of the world really.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Ashanti, Nia Long, Cat Deeley, Sienna Miller, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Taraji P. Henson and a handful of others, are a healthy, curvy and beautiful size and still look uber sexy and gorgeous no matter what they are wearing. I think more women should take a cue from them reason being a lot of people and the younger generation especially look up to t.v personalities and celebrities in general.

But I think these women below need help they are shrinking way too fast....

Angelina Jolie looking frail.
To some they'll say these are toned legs but no! They are just skins & bones!!!
Sarah Jessica Parker, I love her to bits but those veiny hands and feet erm no? 
Even her knees her begging for some more food!
This dress would have looked much nicer on her with the right body size, she looks like Freddy Kruger in this one.
Victoria Beckham, I think personally she has a phobia for food!

She always looks nice, posh and all that and it's a shame a lot of young women want to look like this...
Thandie Newton, Naturally slim but quite over doing it now. 
A little more food would suffice Thandie!
Zoe Saldana, sometimes she appears naturally slim and toned but lately since the movies Avatar&Losers, I think she's gone weight crazy!!!