Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surgery or Not?

I really don't know what the catch is or what it is that should sell an artist/celebrity/TV personality so to speak, because it seems these days, as an actor/actress, musician or TV person, you have got to have a strategy working for you otherwise you just may fizzle out soon. Stars like Beyonce, who has the sex(y) image thing working for her, as I fail to agree she's a great singer but as a performer and an entertainer, she always hits the mark. Rihanna, who has had to reinvent herself from her looks in the era of "The music of the sun, A girl like me, Good girl gone bad then the new "Red look" in Loud and lately, to be honest I think she's going a bit over board with her so called fashion sense. LadyGaga, started out quite subtle with her image but overtime changed a lot. Still she seems to be the only artist at the moment that has the whole bizarre look going for her. Then we have Nicki Minaj that I hardly understand where she's looking to place herself. Seeing her for the first time on TV, I did think her body shape was kind of weird, the smaller upper body and then the overly voluptuous lower body which seemed unnatural by all means.

It was later obvious quite a large number of people saw what I was thinking as a lot of speculations as to what she may have done to achieve such a body type started to crop up. Without doubt in my opinion, I agree she's done something whether it's been surgically altered with fat implants or deposits put in or whether she wears the butt pads/shapers, there's certainly been some form of enhancement.

There some photos below of Nicki Minaj before and now.

Nicki Minaj, there is Camel toe as well!

Now this bum size looks pretty reasonable, I wonder now....

What happed Nicki? You looked a lot nicer before.

Still trying to figure how out how it's just possible that at a later age, she became massive!

A funny size and shape..

I must agree here that J.Lo's and Beyonce's Derrière look way better!!! 

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