Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favourite girl at the moment.

Her name is Isio Wanogho (De-lavega D.), she is a young 20-something accomplished Nigerian model if I may so say on her behalf, an aspiring fashion designer and a great painting artist. She started like every other young model did, right from the scratch, the basics and so far is reaping the fruit of her labour.

She's worked for various local and international designers, very serious minded, hard-working and takes pride in her work(s). She's currently an anchor person/t.v presenter for different shows and events.

I think she's beautiful, multi-talented and she's also got a very great personality! Enjoy a few of her art works and modelling portfolio...

                                            A few of Isio's art paintings.
Faceless woman by isio.
Nude Nubia by isio.
Traditional Marriage by isio.
The dancer by isio.

A collection of Isio's 2008/2009 photo shoot pictures.
Lovely & flaming Isio.


Wearing a Tiffany Amber number.
She knows her onions, Hawt!
Hawt hawt Isio!
Isn't she lovely *smiles*.....

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