Friday, January 20, 2012

Awakening Teaser.

OC Ukeje On The Cover.

It really seems the best in Nigerian cinema are really brewing up a lot lately, weaving thicker plots and getting darker with their movie themes and storyline. This is yet again another movie teaser still under development but in the :37 seconds that see what's yet to come, you can't but get your curiosity tweaked with some eeriness and mystery. It's really a breath of fresh air to find that it's a modern epic that kind of reminds me of Hollywood's Invasion (Starring Nichole Kidman & Daniel Craig) and  Knowing (starring Nicolas Cage & Rose Byrne). Because I remember seeing the trailers of these films before they premièred and being a lover of myths, legends, epics & mysterious thrillers, I was totally ecstatic and seeing the film poster for Awakening last year, I couldn't wait for the trailer!!! And to think there's a teaser but for just :37 seconds only?  *sigh*

 I am well impressed about this film's cast. Why? They aren't the over used faces in Nollywood  although you see them on the screen every now and then but there's that scarcity about them that makes us yearn for them and what they'll deliver. It stars, Oc Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Femi Brainard, Adewale Aroloye and Brian Okwara.

Finally, I'm more than inclined to see the craft of director James Omokwe but I can be sure he's genius!!!

                                            Movie Synopsis.

The Awakening' directed by James Omokwe and produced by Theresa Ananenu is an exciting unpredictable journey into several mysterious deaths that profoundly affect the lives of 2 strangers thrown together by fate. Nicholas - a fast rising advertising agent and Zainab - a brilliant and ambitious journalist.

Nicholas and Zainab, in a bid to uncover the truth behind a strange series of deaths, are led to a past that they could never have imagined and their future is inextricable changed forever.

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