Monday, June 27, 2011

Kelly Rowland's Performance At The 2011 BET Awards.

This performance only goes to reaffirm my loooove for Kelly as a multi-talented singer, dancer, performer and actress!!! I'll just say she is all encompassing!!! She totally shut the show and crowd down in this performance with Trey Songz.

Some are saying she looked like she was off to church, but in my stylish sure mind am thinking the nature of the song 'Motivation' and what it's official video presented already plays out the whole concept and theme. So it would only have been predictable enough to think that she would do a much similar performance to the whole concept of the video and song.

But she totally scored a tenna in her amazing floppy hat and stylish black suit with bare chested ripped male dancers, sounding as soulful as ever!!! Plus she was oozing alot of sexiness without showing skin coupled with the mysterious look she had going.

My verdict: Kelly is the future of versatile music and style.

Kelly Performing with Trey Songz.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BeYonce, The Born Performer!!!

I have always said it that the one good thing about myself is I always know when to admit the hard truth and on that note, I totally and truthfully express my utmost respect for Beyonce as a performer!!! A friend and I today were talking about artistes and performances etc and he brought her up and I didn't hesitate to let him know how much of a Beyonce fan that I am actually not! Yet still, he urged me on to make sure I watched her performance at the 2011 billboard awards. Right now I have only just watched it half way and I am blogging about it in between watching the said performance on Youtube.

To further buttress this fact are the calibre of people that have taken the time to speak about her achievements and growth before the start of the video performance, it's really beautiful to have this one young African-American woman have the rudiments that empower and reach out to a large number of people across the world positively through the one instrument: Music.

I wholesomely agree that Beyonce Knowles is a born performer, pace setter & a hard worker, and lately it seems those that I haven't really been a fan of in the past are those that I am rooting for now. I can't imagine how much work she must have really put into getting all that stage performance put together and all of the graphic detailing choreographed to the letter T! She's awesome, a great achiever and I can't wait to see more of this soaring drive she's got.

Beyonce Performing Live At The 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Electrik Red.

Electrik Red.

Electrik Red is made up of two sets of childhood friends, Reevey and Lewis from New York City and Allen and Rosete from Toronto. While working as back-up dancers for Usher in his 2004 Confessions tour, Reevey and Lewis asked Rosete if she wanted to be a part of their girl group. Rosete agreed to join, but requested that they meet her best friend, Allen, who they "fell in love with" and invited to join as well. The group moved to Los Angeles, where they began working with different producers, including Shannon "Slam" Lawrence and Rodney Jerkins.The quartet officially convened as Electrik Red in 2005.

Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey, Sarah Rosete, Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen

The girls that make up the group are Binkie and Lesley from NYC as well as Naomi and Sarah from Toronto. They’re a pretty cool set of girls and have been making music together since 2005. I personally like how they push boundaries with songs like this one 'We Fuck You'. The title may be a little abrasive (okay, more than a little) but for some reason I like it. It’s off their album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 – the second volume of which drops sometime later this year.

Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen, Sarah Rosete, Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey.

The girls at the GreenHouse as they hosted Bleu's Magazine 3rd anniversary.

How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 has spawned three singles, "Drink in My Cup", "So Good", and a remix of "So Good" featuring Lil Wayne. Music videos were filmed for "Drink in My Cup" and "Friend Lover," with both directed by Marc Klasfeld. Another video was shot with Lil Wayne for the "So Good" remix.

Victoria's Hat At The Royal Wedding.

Victoria & David Beckham.

So weeks after the royal wedding I still cannot get over this hat that Posh wore to the wedding! It's totally a fashionista's must have and there's not a doubt about that. One word, Awesome!!!

Rihanna's Man Down Story.


Although am not exactly a RiRi fan, I have all her albums from Music In The Sun to the seemingly controversial one, Loud. And to be honest there's been considerable growth in her music style and vocals as well and I might add that there's also immerse change in the light in which she's maybe begging too much to be seen in.

Regardless, she's doing good music weather I'd like to admit it or not and one of my favourites asides the other tracks on the Loud album would be the 'mandown'! Why? Because it's way different from previous songs and I totally love the style, accent and the fact that she went back home to buy the concept of the video and shot it there as well is totally awesome if you ask me.

Now there's the contradiction people are talking about that the initial intended theme of the song wasn't rape but because the public thought the lyrics to be a tad too violent then her folks had to throw in the rape story line to justify the supposed violence. Well in my opinion, I still think people are just missing the whole point of that video in the end because it's addressing such a distasteful and heinous crime towards women and for me that's such a bigger deal than what the media, press or public are trying to down play. Maybe using a gun like that and gunning a man down in cold blood won't do well with the younger viewers, but then again it's only make belief as should be sending home the point that rape is not acceptable and that if the man won't be punishable by law or for some lack of police effort or insufficient evidence then perhaps a rape victim should take the law into her own hands, I am just saying because I would!

In all I think it's a beautiful video very ethnic and simple yet speaking volumes for women regardless of what we all think of Rihanna.

                       Rihanna Man Down Video.