Thursday, February 10, 2011

Butt Implants gone wrong.

It's really sad to know that 90% of what we young people see and watch on TV can ruin our lives or even lead to death as would be the case of Claudia Aderotimi who died as a result of a top up silicone injection in her butts. This issue of plastic/cosmetic surgery needs to be reviewed quite carefully as most of the celebrities have the financial means to enlist the expertise of reputable cosmetic surgeons. Claudia was a student at Thames Valley University in London, lives here and aspired to take her dancing to a professional level and thought having a big rear would make that desire a huge success.

The Late Claudia.

At the moment things are very unclear as the hunt is still on for the woman who arranged her meeting with this nutter who carried out the procedure from which she started to suffer severe chest pains 12 hours after. She was taken to the hospital but died Tuesday morning. It's also suspected that she may have been injected with industrial silicone normally used as a sealant instead of the more expensive variety used for legal breast enlargement. Also it may have been mistakingly injected into a vein.

The police think who ever tended to her is "transgendered" woman- a man living as a female. She hoped to be back by this weekend as it's only a few days from her 21st birthday. She left for America with a few friends one of whom also had her hips enhanced for £1,100 while she paid £1,000 for her butt jabs.

As far as I am concerned this is what "booty" shaking celebs are causing with the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo especially this Nicki Minaj of girl flaunting theirs about.

Claudia Aderotimi.

Can't imagine what her family is going through at the moment but I hope they get through it together and may her soul rest in peace.


  1. U said it...heard it on radio yestdy n was like ....come'on! its just sad jare! ...desired beauty fame n success by doing what she probably knew how to do best...but the latter was leaving at an early age....I aint gonna sit here in say ppl shouldnt do such cos they'll only desire it more...but let's (young ladies) watch what we allow get into us! be quad-sure sure its legit>...!! May she rest in peace!!!

  2. What a loss... its really sad knowing there are better and safer ways to increase without injections...

  3. You are just a joker Nick! What other ways are there??? Hmmm....