Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leona Lewis' drag makeover or not?

Lately there have been pictures of Leona Lewis at events circulating the internet looking way different from her normal self. Thing is after she won the x-factor and released her first album Spirit I kind of lost track on her really. I don't know why every artist these days believe they need to look a certain way to either sell records, be in vogue or sell whatever it is they think they need to be selling err, the likes of RiRi! It's good for some and some can get away with it not sure about Nicki Minaj though and Leona.

At the 2nd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Music Event In LA.

A leona Face-Off! Leona Vs. Drag Leona.

She has not only changed dress sense but her body and face aren't looking like her former self which leaves only one option; surgery. She's lost her famous hair and curves, see for yourselves then again maybe it's for the better to further propel her career... Who knows.

At the Elle Style Awards.

At the premiere of Justin Bieber's Film Debut.

There have even been suggestions that the new look hasn't been achieved entirely naturally. Dr Barbara Lutz, of the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, commented: "It appears Leona has had the bridge and tip of her nose thinned."

She does look nice in the above dresses but something still looks wrong however. But after splitting with teenage sweetheart Lou Al-Chamaa, she faces more accusations of being blinded by Hollywood's bright lights. "I think it's so funny how so many people think I've moved to LA!" she Tweeted defensively yesterday. "I'm hardly here! Still live in London round the corner from my mum & dad ha!"

News & Photo credits: Yahoo Entertainment News.

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