Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yellow Stripes Vertigo Pet Sofa.
Sharp Platform Bed.
Cross section of Kitchen Utensils.
It is with great utmost pleasure that I would like to annouce that CSN Stores has given me the opportunity to indulge my followers/readers in a lovely GIVEAWAY that involves giving a randomly selected winner a one-time use £15 gift voucher. CSN Stores is a large and great online retailer of household wares, where you can find everything from lovely bedroom furniture, bedroom accessories,cookware, kitchen utensils, bakeware, beautiful lighting pieces, mordern home furniture sets, T.V stands to T.V brackets, speakers and mounts.

As we are in the festive period and nearly approaching Christmas, I am sure a lot of you are looking to either buy friends and family one or two gift items or better yet replace those old home furniture and kitchen utensils with brand new beautiful sets against the new year. Then look no further as CSN Stores is your onestop online shop that makes for easy shopping and proper focus and viewing of the various selected sites.

To be entered in this GIVEAWAY, please do log in and then leave a comment on this post after having previewed or visited the CSN Stores and to also say that you will like to be entered, telling me what item on the website(s) you would like to spend your gift voucher on. You can also leave behind your E-mail address. I'll be leaving the GIVEAWAY open till the month of December 2010, after which a winner will be randomly selected to now claim the one-time use £15 gift voucher.

Feel free to share on Twitter, Facebook, Retweet or re-post blog as this gives for more chances of being selected, compliments of the season darlings.


  1. Nice! Ur connections are just uber!by the way am interested in the GIVEAWAY!

  2. Lucky you haven't told me what item(s) on either of the websites that you would like to spend your gift voucher on, if you won it.