Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nse Ikpe-Etim.... Awesome Actress.

So I tune into my favourite Nigerian TV channel and there she was rattling away in the best English accent, style and diction I’ve ever heard on a movie trailer years back titled Reloaded. She played the role of the wife of a philandering man whom she apparently made wealthy. Well, maybe a tad too jealous but she loved him all the same. I am privileged to watch the movie and I get to see all the many facets of this inspiring, fast rising A-list Nigerian actor. Nse, truly only started screen acting few years ago but has been on stage for a very long time is undeniably one actress who knows her onions and is in a league of her own. It’s not to be contended if you ask me. Guilty Pleasures 1&2, Kiss & Tell, Reloaded, Mr&Mrs and a few others are films she’s starred in alongside other great talents as well. She’s beautiful, got amazing talent as an actor, writer and chef and most of all very sweet in person.

Nse at a Movie premiere.

Nse is on this month's cover of Wow magazine donning a purplish one piece swim suit with gold details and looking very bikini ready too!!!

Nse on the cover of Wow magazine this month, lovely!!!

Nse at the première of Mr&Mrs.


Nse and her colleagues.

Hollywood had better watch out for this woman.

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