Saturday, April 21, 2012

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2012

Versace women's fall/winter collection recently showcased at the Milan fashion week 2012 was totally mind blowing. I watched it about a few hours ago on FTV and I was completely taken!!! It screamed gothic eeriness, sexiness and feline power with the dominant colour being black with a touch of retro. Although black wasn't the only colour there was orange, yellow, metallic silver and beige. Rich luxurious fabrics, finely cut almost seamless tailoring. The hair and make-up are strongly on point. That hair especially was another highlight for me watching the show, straight back with short tapered bangs by British-born hairstylist, Guido Palau. While for the make-up, the models had on heavy smokey eyes making them look quite scary and bleak. In all, everything worked together to produce a wonderful show with all the gothic innuendos  ... *sigh* It is said that Donnatela Versace brought back a number of collections displayed in 1997 in Paris, France by her brother who had died 15 years ago, Gianni Versace.

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