Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solange Is sooo My Style Icon.

I don't know why Solange keeps getting compared to Beyonce all the time, in my opinion they're sisters yes, but have different paths in life to follow and that's exactly what e are seeing unfold and she is doing really great. She doesn't need anyone's success or status to endorse her as a star or as the person that she just is. 

She's a young mother, stylish & eclectic, great Jazz/Soul/R&B singer, Dj, model, actor and a thriving 20something who has the sky as her limit yet. *sigh*

She's Beautiful...

Lovely Print Dress.

Simple & Chic.

Leggy Solange.

Statement Accessory.

Don't Know What They Were Saying About her In This Combo But She Rocks It, Period!

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